Startup Challenge Competition at Wine Innova Tech

Everything is ready for the Startup Challenge Competition at Wine Innova Tech in Vina del Mar in Chile, an spin off/event that is organized by Gestión & Proyectos, in collaboration with the Nucleo de Biotecnologia de Curauma by PUCV and La Quinta Emprende.

The most important WineTech event in Latin America is being held on May 16, 30 and 31 in two cities, San Felipe and Viña del Mar, both in the Valparaíso Region, an initiative supported by the Regional Productive Development Committee of Valparaíso, through the Viraliza Corfo program.

A significant number of startups have already registered for the “Wine Innova Tech 2024 Challenge”, which aims to generate synergy between the wine industry and entrepreneurs willing to address the challenges facing this sector.

According to Felipe Chamy from Nucleo de Biotecnologia de Curauma, “We will focus on the evaluation of innovative and sustainable solutions for the wine industry, to choose from a jury made up of vineyard entrepreneurs from Casablanca and San Felipe.”

The selected participants must present their proposal pitch on May 31 at the International Wine Innova Tech 2024 Seminar, to be held at the Palacio Rioja in the city of Viña del Mar.

The winning solution proposal will have the opportunity to implement a pilot of its solution in one of the vineyards in the Casablanca Valley that is part of the Technology Diffusion Program of CORFO.

This is an opportunity to put ideas on paper into practice and contribute to advancement and innovation in the wine industry.

Among the founders and startups that signed up, the following stand out:

Natalia Brossard, Winetech which is a spin-off of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which offers an astringency measurement service for the wine industry.

Cristian Hernán Montenegro, Qualtek SpA. Qualtek is a company focused on offering innovative and sustainable solutions in multiple areas of application, seeking to improve the quality of life and promoting environmental conservation.

Carlos Vargas, ALFI, Financial Education, Roberto Gallardo, CEO of TRYPO, which is a Chilean traveltech, which aims to reduce the digital divide in tourism, with our technology we bring people closer to enjoying experiences and connecting with nature.

Samael Vásquez, CEO of Rukann, a business dedicated to modular spaces and special solutions for rapid activation and development tourism.

Felipe Cruz Vial, Commercial Manager of Virtualpos, which provides innovative and easy-to-implement payment solutions. One-time payments and recurring payments.

Marco Montero Lara of Ecopolimero, who makes Elements and Structures based on unvalued Waste from Industries within the circulation, mainly using revalued polymers as a base binder, according to specific needs and utilities.

Juan Carlos Najul, Director of the National Institute of Industrial Technology of Argentina.

Thomas Schmidt, CEO of Ecoturbo, which develops technology and optimizes biomass processes.

Juan Varas Godoy, CEO of BIONAUTE, Startup that develops precision phytosanitary products and is currently developing one for Botrytis cinerea.

Juan Pablo Salas Carrillo, CEO of, an online wine store that sells wines from small producers, who make wine with little or no intervention.

Manuel Alejandro Abarca Marzán Helénica SpA, Helénica is dedicated to contributing to the maintenance of the biodiversity of the local ecosystem, promoting more resilient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Macarena Contreras, CEO of ENESIS, smart metering and asset management solutions enable better energy and water management, which translates into greater business competitiveness by reducing costs associated with these critical resources.

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